Why volunteer with IRCO?

At IRCO, our volunteers are considered part of our family, our greatest advocates, and crucial to our mission. Our volunteers provide essential skills and knowledge to fulfill our mission, meaning your time can have a real impact on people’s lives. Volunteering with IRCO can also provide a transformative opportunity to be part of a diverse group and gain exposure to different areas of social services.

Check out our current volunteer needs below. Before applying for a position, please read our VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT.

Program Area Position Apply
Fundraising and Development 2021 Gala Steering Committee
Refugee and Immigrant Family Strengthening Program (RIFS) Refugee and Immigrant Family Strengthening Program (RIFS) - Various
Workforce Development * New for Fall 2020 * Job-Readiness Coach
Youth Refugee & Immigrant Youth Mentor (RIM)
Youth * New for Fall 2020 * INSPIRE Remote Tutors needed!
Youth Department * New for Fall 2020 * PNI Remote Tutors needed!