Asset & Opportunity Services

Housing Assistance & Support

IRCO offers a wide range of culturally specific and responsive housing and stabilization supports to help individuals and families obtain or remain in safe and stable homes in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Malheur Counties. Services include outreach and engagement, housing navigation and placement, case management, eviction prevention, utilities assistance, and rental assistance.

Note: not all services are available in all counties.

For Housing Assistance & Support information, contact Ruth Garcia, Ontario Programs Coordinator at or 971-222-9224.

Chhabi Koirala, (Coordinator),, 971-271-6582

Ruth Tha (Lead),, 971-407-0076

Multnomah Stability Initiative (MSI)

Short Term Rental Assistance (STRA)

Earle Boyle Housing (EBH)

Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV)

Anitha Lobo, (Coordinator),, 971-222-4208

Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA)

Kirk Lee, (Coordinator),, 971-222-4047

Regional Long-term Rental Assistance (RLRA)

Kirk Lee, (Coordinator),, 971-227-4047

Regional Long-term Rental Assistance (RLRA)

EO-Rapid Re-Housing (RRH)

Russell Hestley, (Coordinator),, 971-312-7835

Michael Davis (Lead),, 971-312-7831

International Language Bank

IRCO’s International Language Bank (ILB) provides in-person, telephonic, and remote video interpretation and translation services, specializing in providing culturally-appropriate, multilanguage translation.

ILB also offers Healthcare Interpreter Training, preparing participants to meet Oregon Health Authority’s requirements to become qualified or certified healthcare interpreters or are interested in pursuing career options in language services.


Economic Development

IRCO Economic Development programs empower and support diverse families and community members in building for their future.

  • IRCO Individual Development Accounts (or IDAs) are match savings programs that help participants set goals, save, and make independent economic choices. We support small businesses by providing a variety of culturally and linguistically specific, high quality technical assistance and services to help entrepreneurs start, sustain, or grow their business.
  • Childcare Microenterprise Provider Training that helps build a workforce to support the early care and developmental needs of local children and communities.
  • IRCO Tax Assistance offers free tax preparation services for Oregonians.