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  • When you use our pre-scheduled Telephonic / In-Person Interpretation Service, you will be using only our Oregonian interpreters – supporting the local economy and the long term success of local immigrant and refugee communities.
  • Our Video Interpretation Service can help you communicate with your clients/consumers when you can’t be face-to-face. This service is available and accessible 24/7 without pre-scheduling.
  • If you need documents translated into other languages to improve communication with our community members, we have over 100 languages within our system to assist you.
  • View our list of supported languages here.

Interpretation Services: | 503.234.0068
Translation Services: | 503.505.5186.

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IRCO’s International Language Bank (ILB) is one of the most influential and well-known language service providers of its kind in the Northwest. We have an unparalleled commitment to customer service through careful and attentive project managers, a detailed yet streamlined workflow, and high-quality results that meet your deadlines and facilitate accurate communication with members of IRCO's community.


On-Site Interpretation

Through our versatile, high quality interpreters, most of whom come from the immigrant and refugee community, we provide convenient and affordable language services. With the growing demand for interpretation, we fulfill every request with the appropriate interpreter. Our familiarity with the immigrant and refugee communities in Portland makes us the ideal provider for assigning qualified and suitable interpreters. With our direct link to IRCO’s culturally and linguistically specific programs, we specialize in languages of less diffusion, for which there are limited professionals in the greater Portland area.

CONTACT: | 503.234.0068

“I felt my interpreter accurately conveyed the seriousness and emotional range I was attaching to certain questions. The language barrier I was facing in the interview seemed not to be there at all.”
— Thomas Zaner, Clackamas County Community Health Services

American Sign Language

Our American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters facilitate accurate and efficient communication for deaf and hard-of-hearing needs. Your needs will be met by a highly trained and experienced professional, and you can rely on our consistent delivery and understanding of your organization.

CONTACT: | 503.234.0068


Remote Interpretation

We offer reliable and flexible on-demand telephonic interpretation for all spoken languages and dialects. Our services are immediate, accurate and culturally appropriate. For a full interpretation package, we also offer video interpretation services via a remote technology system to identify language needs and connect customers to professional spoken language or ASL interpreters in seconds. This service is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

CONTACT: | 971.271.6489

“IRCO interpreters are patient and helpful. One of the greatest strengths of IRCO is the availability of any language needed.” 

—Brenda Scalf, PCRI


ILB has a widely recognized reputation and history of providing superior translation services that help refugees and immigrants adapt to life in Oregon,, including expert typesetting and desktop publishing services. Our experienced translators and project managers carefully oversee each step of our process—from the initial translation to proofreading, editing, desktop publishing and quality assurance. We also offer free consultation for translation projects. Because of our reputation for accuracy, Oregon's refugee and immigrant communities trust materials translated by IRCO.

CONTACT: | 971-271-6506

“IRCO offers outstanding service and attention to detail. IRCO staff often catch our errors for us. If a particular idea in English does not translate into another language, they will contact us to clarify and discuss options.” 

— Lori Ellis, SEIU

We specialize in translations for government, educational and nonprofit organizations to improve communication and outreach to refugees and immigrants, localizing translations for a Pacific Northwest audience. We also offer medical, legal and technical translation services. We frequently translate flyers, brochures, forms, pamphlets, handbooks, signs, webpages, video subtitles and voiceovers, as well as and personal documents (birth, marriage and death certificates, diplomas, transcripts, affidavits)—all of which are critical to refugees and immigrants living here. Our notary services are included in the translation process if needed.

We employ experienced language specialists locally and nationally. Many of our translators are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) and we adhere to ATA standards. We have developed our own rigorous testing and evaluation procedures where professional translation accreditation through the ATA is not available. Upon receiving your request, our project managers identify the translator who best meets your needs based on background and past work. Many of our translators are employed in fields applicable to the documents they translate and their work for us helps them progress in their careers.


Healthcare Interpreter Training

ILB has extensive experience in the field of healthcare interpretation and training. In 2000, we founded the first Oregon Refugee Interpretation Training Services (ORITS) Project in the Portland Tri-County area. Since then, our Healthcare Interpreter Training services have become well known as a career path for refugees, immigrants and others to achieve employment in the interpretation industry.

As a Bridging the Gap Program licensed agency, our course is designed to be heavily participatory, including practice sessions, role-plays and small group discussions. Our training also includes competency testing to assess initial skill level, daily quizzes on training lessons, handouts based on ILB's most common practices for interpreters, lists of suggested readings and online materials. Following completion of the 60-hour Healthcare Interpreter Training, each student will receive a certificate of completion that fulfills the initial portion of the State requirements to become a Certified and Qualified Healthcare Interpreter in the State of Oregon, the first step in achieving interpretation career goals.

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Wilsonville Training Location

“I feel very confident now in moving forward to become a certified interpreter.”

HCI Training class photo- Winter 2023

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