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Parent Education & Home Visiting Services

Wraparound Support  

Through the use of an evidence-based curriculum (Parent as Teachers – PAT) the PE Program helps parents build their parenting skills. The parent/child interaction is improved through playing, book reading and many other fun activities to help prepare their child for school in a safe and comfortable environment.

Bilingual, Bicultural Staff

We ensure representation from each community within the preschool classrooms to actively engage in preparing children to succeed.

IRCO Early Learning Center at Glisan Landing

Coming in 2025: The first IRCO-led Multicultural Early Learning Center in Multnomah County

The Early Learning Center will have dedicated space focusing on creating a therapeutic environment, with developmentally appropriate and culturally specific books, toys, curriculum, and materials providing no cost tuition for 40 families each year.

After the success of our Multicultural Preschool in Washington County, IRCO is excited to expand services even further with this learning center and help more children become kindergarten ready.

  • Brand-new, state-of-the-art learning center
  • Multicultural curriculum and staff
  • Free early learning tuition for 40 families annually
  • Proximity to new-construction affordable housing
  • Culturally specific wraparound services for families
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Read the IRCO Preschool Research Project Report

In 2017, IRCO and Social Venture Partners Portland partnered to determine how to best support the needs of immigrant preschool children and their families in a way that fosters understanding, compassion and communication between Oregon's established communities and its newest arrivals. This joint work reflected both organizations’ missions and strategic focus on early learning and universal preschool.

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Parent Child Interaction Program

The Parent Child Interaction (PCI) Program serves families and children 0-5 years old in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington and Malheur Counties.

  • PCI program helps parents to build on their learning on the importance of parent-child interaction through playing, book reading and many other activities to help prepare your child for school.
  • Enrolled families will be provided with a Family Advocate who will facilitate home visits with the family. PCI pro-gram will use an evidence-based curriculum; Parents As Teachers (PAT). Families will be offered two visits and one group meeting each month. Enrolled parents and children will also have the opportunity to explore and meet other families on educational field trips.