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IRCO Works LLC Managers

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Position Description:

IRCO Works LLC is an Oregon limited liability company that improves the physical, economic and social environment of the Portland area and particularly the needs of people with low and moderate income. IRCO is the sole member (i.e., owner) of IRCO Works LLC. IRCO formed IRCO Works LLC to qualify as a Community-Based Development Organization (“CBDO”) and comply with federal requirements to receive and administer funding from the Community Development Block Grants (“CDBG”) program. Prosper Portland (formerly known as the Portland Development Commission) and Worksystems, Inc. (“WSI”) often passes CDBG funding through to IRCO in grants and contracts. IRCO Works LLC is exempt from federal taxation under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a disregarded entity. The Portland Housing Bureau annually qualifies IRCO Works LLC as a CBDO which allows Prosper Portland and WSI to enter into granting and contracting agreements with IRCO to award funds to IRCO Works LLC under the federal CDBG program. The CDBG grants and contracts operated by IRCO are part of the organization’s Workforce Development and Economic Development program units, which also operate a variety of career pathway training and employment services and business technical assistance programs for low to moderate income immigrants, refugees and other communities living within Portland city limits. Additional hours may be requested dependent upon special needs or issues that arise or to attend special meetings as defined in the IRCO Works LLC Operating Agreement. Optional engagement with IRCO and IRCO Works LLC includes:

  • participating in various trainings open to all IRCO staff scheduled throughout the year,
  • attending IRCO’s Annual Board Dinner usually scheduled in March,
  • occasional Workforce Development team meetings or retreats, and/or
  • engaging in IRCO’s community needs assessment and/or strategic planning process, scheduled every few years (upcoming in early 2022).

Position Summary:

As described in the Management Services Agreement between IRCO and IRCO Works LLC, the two parties agreed that: IRCO’s responsibilities consist of:

  1. Providing all the management services required to comply with the terms of the CDBG granting agreement and to provide such services in compliance with all of the terms of the granting agreement;
  2. Providing office space and access to telephone, copier use, the internet, and other office services and equipment related to providing the management services described above; and
  3. Making all decisions related to the management of the CDBG granting agreement as long as IRCO is in compliance with the terms of the CDBG granting agreement.

IRCO Works LLC Managers responsibilities consist of:

  1. Managing and controlling the IRCO Works LLC business and affairs to the best of its ability and using its best efforts to carry out the business of the IRCO Works LLC. In practice, under the terms of the IRCO Works LLC Management Services Agreement, the IRCO Works LLC Board of Managers delegated day-to-day management decisions and program operation to IRCO. Accordingly, Managers duties and responsibilities largely consist of the following advisory and advocacy activities:
  1. As members of the IRCO Works LLC Governing Body devoting such time to the business and affairs of the Company as is reasonable, necessary or appropriate. This means that Managers are expected to attend bimonthly meetings, typically held on a Tuesday afternoon for one hour. These meetings are chaired by IRCO’s Associate Director of Programs. Typical agendas consist of review of program operational and financial reports to ensure that services comply with CDBG requirements, review of annual audit, and program specific presentations and discussion. IRCO provides support staff to maintain minutes of all meetings.
  2. Providing advice at these meetings to IRCO about management of the CDBG funded projects and other Portland-based Workforce and Economic Development programs, in order for IRCO to take advantage of the knowledge and connections that the IRCO Works LLC managers have about the communities or businesses they represent, and about how the grants can be managed to best fulfill their purposes.
  3. Electing from time to time to advocate for funding or communicate community need for the CDBG funded projects to local or State policy makers.

At least 51% of the Managers must be

  • Low- and moderate-income residents of the City of Portland, or
  • Owners or senior officers of private establishments and other institutions located in and serving the City of Portland, or
  • Representatives of low- and moderate-income neighborhood organizations located in the City of Portland.

Not more than one-third of the Managers may be appointed by, or consist of elected or other public officials or employees, or officials of the City of Portland or any other ineligible public body under 24 CFR §570.204(c)(1)(v).

Additional qualifications for all members include:

  • Interest in workforce and/or economic development and in representing community, employer, and/or small business owner needs when advising IRCO’s programs,
  • Ability to prepare for and attend IRCO Works LLC meetings, ask questions, take responsibility and follow through on given assignments, and
  • Intermediate level English fluency or higher


The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization’s Board of Directors elects the Board of Managers of IRCO Works LLC, which is comprised of at least 3 but not more than 5 Managers.

Time Commitment:

Minimum of 6 hours per year required for attendance at 6 one-hour bimonthly meetings per year.

( or contact volunteer@irco.org )

Asst. Volunteer Manager: 971-517-5241 Volunteer Administrative Asst.: 971-716-8282