Africa House

Since its establishment in 2006, IRCO Africa House has grown to serve more than 5,000 community members from 22 ethnic and cultural backgrounds each year and is staffed by a multicultural team representing 17 ethnicities and speaking 10 languages. We are proud to celebrate 17 years of serving our African communities!

Africa House is the only culturally and linguistically specific one stop center targeting the increasingly diverse and rapidly growing number of African immigrants and refugees living in Oregon. Receiving national attention for moving beyond intercultural strife to be the only center serving Africans from every country in the continent, Africa House is led by an advisory board of cross-cultural community leaders and staffed by a multicultural, multilingual team.


Djimet Dogo | | 503.802.0082

709 NE 102nd Ave. Portland, OR 97220

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Growing Strong Together

Africa House Advisory Council

Charles McGee II, Chair, Liberian community

Sam Munyandamutsa, Co-Chair, Rwandan community

Laura Gephart, Co-Chair, Native American community

Dele Oyemaja, Nigerian community

Fidelis Wachana, Kenyan community

Cecile Mayani Siamangiway, Congolese community

Erna Gelles, Community at Large

Steven Nakana, South African Community