Request for Quotes: Videographer

The Community Works Project (CWP) is a consortium representing the collaborative initiative of three community-based organizations with a collective over 100 years of experience empowering traditionally underserved individuals from diverse backgrounds to find employment and become self-sufficient.

CWP is looking for a videographer to create an orientation video to market the program services. The Vendor will create a client testimonial video for use by CWP to promote its services and
demonstrate impact of its work. The Vendor will produce a video with the following characteristics,
using their own equipment:

  • The video will highlight the accomplishments of CWP’s members (= clients) through
    participation in CWP activities.
  • The video will be empowering and inspirational to others.
  • The video will be high definition video (AVI file).
  • The video will be 5 minutes in length.
  • The video will include English subtitles throughout.
  • The video will be delivered to CWP via Vimeo or Dropbox.

For more details about this request and contact info for application, please consult the proposal here.

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