Taye Yemeru
Taye Yemeru - Board Member

Taye Yemeru was born in Ethiopia and worked for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from 1990-2015. Now retired, his FAA management roles included administering, investigating and enforcing safety regulations for aircraft operation and airworthiness, as well as overseeing air carrier evaluation of flight crews and aviation mechanics for proper training and qualifications. He also collaborated with the National Transportation Safety Board in investigating accidents and incidents involving air carrier industries. Prior to joining the FAA, he worked in the airline industry for more than 25 years in several aviation management positions. Through his career in aviation safety and administration, Mr. Yemeru lived in Kenya, Nigeria and India before immigrating to the United States. A dedicated humanitarian, Mr. Yemeru witnessed a flood of Ethiopians arriving in Kenya as refugees and, in response, volunteered to assist them in finding food and shelter. While living in India, he sponsored two young women, providing employment and funding educational and vocational trainings that led to self-sufficient careers. He and his wife also funded their dowries, enabling them to marry. While in the United States, Mr. Yemeru has sponsored a number of African students pursuing education in this country and has been recognized for his mentorship.