Laura Rojas
Laura Rojas - Secretary

Laura Rojas, Secretary, is the Planning Strategy and Process Director at Nike. Laura was born and raised in Colombia, where she earned a BS in Economics. She has nine years of professional experience in the private sector in Latin America and the US, mainly as a business consultant and process director in multiple firms, including Azurian, Dicorp, and Nike. During her college years, Laura cofounded FNVPT, a nonprofit organization that served low income children and teenage mothers in the slums of Bogota. She was an active volunteer with the organization for over 11 years and served as a Board Member for 3 terms. Laura came to the US for a Master's degree in Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011. Soon after, she worked as a Fundraising Consultant for CCS Fundraising where she worked in creating the social return on investment model for Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia and planned, designed and led a 5M capital campaign for the Kirby Center – a performing arts center. Laura moved to Portland in 2012 and volunteered for Mercy Corps as the Latin America, Caribbean, Balkan and Caucasus Desk Support Intern before joining Nike. Laura has always had a passionate interest in youth and education programs and is keenly interested in supporting immigrant communities.