Bruce Bliatout
Bruce Bliatout - Board Member

Bruce Bliatout is an American of Hmong ancestry, from Laos. Bruce’s professional work is in health and mental health services. Bruce has a background in public health, acupuncture and hygiene, receiving his doctorate in public health from Tulane University. He started his career as the director of the Refugee Mental Health Program in Hawaii and served as the executive director of the Southeast Asian Refugee Federation in Portland. Bruce was also the refugee coordinator and assistant to City Commissioner Charles Jordan and Mayor Bud Clark. He held several managerial positions at Multnomah County Health Department until his full retirement in 2009.

Bruce had served on many nonprofit organizations’ Board of Directors, including United Way, Laotian American National Alliance, Hmong National Development Inc, Lao-Hmong-American Coalition, Lao Brotherhood Organization of Oregon, Hmong American Community of Oregon and the International Refugee Center of Oregon. Bruce also served on the City of Gresham Progress Board, City of Portland Refugee and Immigrant Council, and Governor’s Medical Assistant Advisory Board. He has also volunteered with the United States National Defense Force Support Command to work on both natural and man-made disaster emergency preparedness.