Greater Middle East Center

IRCO's Greater Middle East Center (GMEC) is a new IRCO cultural center under development, to support communities from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia to thrive in Oregon. We are working toward creating a safe, collaborative, and inclusive physical space to house our services, cultural activities, and advocacy efforts. We are currently connecting communities to available resources and providing culturally specific services such as Arabic language classes for children and youth.

GMEC Monthly Newsletter
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Uniting and Empowering our Diverse Communities

Greater Middle East Center Advisory Council

Laila Hajoo, Chair, Iraqi community
Peter Newbegin, Middle Eastern community
Ahmed Etally, Egyptian community
Zahra Ebadi, Iranian community
Shara Noori, Iraqi & Kurdish community
Mohammad Alarja, Palestinian community
Mouammar Abouagila, Libyan community