Greater Middle East Center

IRCO's Greater Middle East Center (GMEC) is envisioned as an inclusive center that provides culturally specific services, resources, cultural events and unity to communities from North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, complementing projects and services offered by other grassroots efforts and community organizations. Guided by an advisory council comprised of community leaders and multilingual multicultural IRCO staff, GMEC will become a leading provider of services for our diverse communities. While a physical center is still in development, GMEC has already started providing some culturally specific services.

The Greater Middle East Center Language School, one of GMEC's flagship programs, hosts children and youth from preschool to 9th grade to study Arabic and receive additional academic support. The curriculum is built with five levels of bicultural and bilingual instruction. To register a new or returning student, please follow the link to fill out the registration form: REGISTRATION LINK.


Uniting and Empowering our Diverse Communities

Greater Middle East Center Advisory Council

Laila Hajoo, Chair, Iraqi community
Ahmed Etally, Secretary, Egyptian community
Zahra Ebadi, Iranian community
Ken Nadire Kazem, Iranian community
Maher Lazeg, Syrian community
Shara Noori, Iraqi & Kurdish community