Rebuilding Together

As soon as COVID-19 hit, IRCO pivoted to respond to our new reality. Our staff and programs have adapted quickly to ensure that our families continue getting the support they need. We are creating social media platforms to assist job seekers who are ineligible for unemployment insurance, cash assistance or housing assistance, and other new federal and state relief programs. We are addressing educational equity issues by increasing resources available for successful remote instruction for students and their families. We have created prepackaged boxes and bags of groceries for families to pick up at our key school locations.

Below are links to stories about how our programs continue to evolve and serve our communities through the pandemic.

Our Communities Count
Empowering Parents as their Child's First Teacher
Strengthening Our Pacific Islander Community
Advancing Equity and Access to Justice
Stabilizing Families in Crisis
Supporting Our Youth
Connecting With Elders
Hunger Relief: Keeping Families Fed
Employment: Moving Forward in Uncertain Times