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“IRCO offers outstanding service and attention to detail. IRCO staff often catch our errors for us. If a particular idea in English does not translate into another language, they will contact us to clarify and discuss options.” — Lori Ellis, SEIU

ILB has a widely recognized reputation and history of providing superior translation services, including expert typesetting and desktop publishing services. Our experienced translators and project managers carefully oversee each step of our process—from the initial translation to proofreading, editing, desktop publishing and quality assurance. We also offer free consultation for translation projects.

Translation Types
We specialize in translations for government, educational and nonprofit organizations—and localizing translations for a Pacific Northwest audience. We also offer medical, legal and technical translation services. Types of documents that we translate frequently include flyers, brochures, forms, pamphlets, handbooks, signs, webpages and personal documents (birth, marriage and death certificates, diplomas, transcripts, affidavits). Our notary services are included in the translation process.

ATA Standards
We employ experienced language specialists locally and nationally. Many of our translators are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) and we adhere to ATA standards. We have developed our own rigorous testing and evaluation procedures where professional translation accreditation through the ATA is not available. Upon receiving your request, our project managers identify the translator who best meets your needs based on background and past work. Many of our translators are employed in fields applicable to the documents they translate.