Healthcare Interpreter Training

Healthcare Interpreter Training

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“I feel very confident now in moving forward to become a certified interpreter.” — Wilsonville Training Location

ILB has extensive experience in the field of healthcare interpretation and training. In 2000, we founded the first Oregon Refugee Interpretation Training Services (ORITS) Project in the Portland Tri-County area. Since then, our Healthcare Interpreter Training services have become well known in the local interpretation industry.

As a Bridging the Gap Program licensed agency, our course is designed to be heavily participatory, including practice sessions, role-plays and small group discussions. Our training also includes competency testing to assess initial skill level, daily quizzes on training lessons, handouts based on ILB's most common practices for interpreters, lists of suggested readings and online materials. Following completion of the 60-hour Healthcare Interpreter Training, each student will receive a certificate of completion that fulfills the initial portion of the State requirements to become a Certified and Qualified Healthcare Interpreter in the State of Oregon.

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