A Message from our Executive Director

The principles of equity and inclusion that guide our work as an organization also guide our role as an employer. This extends to our employees' right to organize if they choose to do so.

Our focus as an employer with a uniquely diverse workforce is to ensure an open, transparent and fair democratic process so that all employees have access to the information they need, in the way they need to receive it, to make a decision that is only theirs to make.

We believe that a secret ballot election is the only way to ensure that all of our employees have an opportunity to vote according to their individual consciences. IRCO remains fully committed to complying with all laws governing the union election process.

This is an important time for our organization. As we come together as a community to discuss how staff needs might best be met, we hear a wide range of perspectives and opinions. We value those perspectives and opinions, and they help us improve as an employer.

I encourage all staff to be respectful of each other and the many opinions on this issue, and many others. This process has been challenging for us all, but I hope we will continue to show care for each other, and support whatever the outcome may be.